beige finger tape stack
beige finger tape pack diagonal

Finger Tape (Beige) x 4 Rolls


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Single-sided adhesive with synthetic zinc oxide. Sticks stronger as you train and sweat! 

Made from breathable cotton. No zig-zag edges or cutting required. Easily removable. 


      • 1 pack includes 4 rolls
      • 13.7 m or 15 yards length per roll
      • 0.8 cm or 0.3" wide
      • Beige in colour


At 0.8CM, our tapes are designed to fit all finger sizes allowing a perfect fit every time and help protect your fingers against unintended bending or hyperextension.

Grappling. Rock-climbing. Volleyball. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Basketball. Judo. Goalkeeping. Basically any sports that requires your fingers means keeping them safe is a priority.

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